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Wiley X SABER Advanced - Grey & Light Rust Lenses


The WileyX SABER Advanced gives you functionality and durability in a semi-rimless frame design, with adjustable telescoping temples, ensuring complete protection of your eyes. 

This is a two-set lens kit and includes the following lenses. 

Grey: The Grey Lenses absorb colour equally, making them preserve the same colour perception as without sunglasses. They are perfect in bright light conditions, they ensure maximum glare reduction. 100% UVA/UVB protective. 

Light Rust: The light rust lenses filter out most blue light waves which is the key component of glare and haze. They enhance contrast in medium to low light conditions making them ideal for indoor & outdoor activities. 100% UVA/UVB protective. 


SABER Advanced elastic strap, adjustable nosepiece, interchangeable lenses, adjustable telescoping temples, NVG compatible. 


Series: Changeable 
Lense Colour: Grey & Light Rust
Frame Colour: Matte Black 
Head Size: M-XXL
Frame Size: 44/25/120
Light Transmission: Grey: 15% Light Rust: 52% 



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