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Wiley X Boss Pol Amber Gold Mirror Kryptek Highlander Frame


WX BOSS offers a classic design with a unique wraparound fit. The frame is extremely flexible and includes our removable foam gasket (Facial CavityTM Seal), which blocks wind, dust and makes the polarized lenses perform at peak levels. A cool Kryptek Highlander frame to suit any uniform.

The Polarized Amber Gold Mirror lens provides supreme vision in both sunny and low light conditions; it is like slipping into a high definition world. Besides premium optics, this lens delivers certified shatterproof protection, absolute glare reduction and the advanced Wiley X Filter 8TM technology.

Additional Information

  • Lens colour: Polarized Amber Gold Mirror 
  • Frame colour: Kryptek Highlander
  • Head size: Medium-Large
  • Frame size: 68/18/125

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