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ASP SideBreak Scabbard - 16" Baton Model


ASP SideBreak Scabbard - 16" Baton Model


No other expandable baton case offers the retention, safety and speed features of ASP's SideBreak Scabbard. Designed to overcome the common problems of wear and tear, access and storage associated with traditional Baton pouches, the SideBreak is the foundation of the ASP gallery of baton scabbards. Strategically positioned lines of tension and zero tension areas incorporated into the patented design mean ASP have created the most dynamic, practical and user friendly scabbard on the market.

 Designed for military or special operations, this rotating polymer SideBreak Scabbard will clip onto all MOLLE equipped vests and equipment, as well as attach easily to your chosen duty belt.

Additional Information

The SideBreak can rotate to 12 distinct points or may be locked into place from its position on a duty belt; this means you have access your baton rapidly and with ease at any angle. In traditional baton cases, the only provision for locking expandable batons is by use of a flap; the SideBreak contains a steel retention bar which can be adjusted for ease of presentation or a stronger hold.

The bottom of the SideBreak is partially closed to prevent the baton from shaking open when the wearer is running or moving vigorously. The baton tip is retained securely while four flexible polymer plates allow the baton itself to be rapidly broken out of the side when required. A retracted or expanded baton may be rapidly presented, yet is securely retained during dynamic confrontations. An expanded baton may be forced through the flexible polymer plates and carried inside the case.

 Includes a HexTool which is removed easily using the double lock pin of a handcuff key and used for adjustment and assembly or the scabbard.

 This model is designed for use with a 16 inch Baton


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