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ASP Talon and Cuff Case


ASP Combination Cases provide a compact, easily attached carrier for tactical essentials. They are ideal for investigators and plain-clothed personnel. This combination carrier holds an ASP F16 F21 or T40 baton together with ASP chain or hinge handcuffs.

The reinforced, ballistic-weave case is form-fit to hold its contents securely, even in dynamic situations. Handcuffs are secured by a pull-through retention snap. On the back of the case, you’ll find our patented Snap-Loc belt clips; they’re adjustable to fit belts up to 2.25” wide, and can be attached or removed without removing your belt or anything else on it. The dual clips are designed to help keep the case flat against the body, and spaced to allow them to be fastened on either side of a belt loop, to prevent sliding. And as with all of our cuff case clips, there’s a spare handcuff key tucked away in its own storage compartment.

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