• Introducing the ASP DOT!

    Introducing the ASP DOT!

    Don't be fooled by its tiny size... the Dot packs a big light punch. In fact, at 130 lumens, this little flashlight is brighter than some lights ten times its...

    Sarah S |

  • Brighten up Your Day with Streamlight!

    Brighten up Your Day with Streamlight!

        The KeyMate® USB light is a weather resistant, personal area light featuring a recessed button to prevent accidental turn on, a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery and a low...

    Sarah S |

  • SOG TOC 20L Backpack

    SOG TOC 20L Backpack

    The SOG TOC is the ultimate 20L daypack for an urban warrior or forest adventurer.  Its light overall weight makes it easy to tote around. The quick-adjust shoulder straps, padded...

    Sarah S |

  • ASP Tungsten LED Light Range

    ASP Tungsten LED Light Range

     We now have  ASP Flashlights available on our site. One very popular duty light is the Tungsten LED light. ASP had this to say: 'When designing the world's finest public...

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