ASP Tungsten LED Light Range

ASP Tungsten LED Light Range

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ASP Tunsgten LED

 We now have  ASP Flashlights available on our site.

One very popular duty light is the Tungsten LED light.

ASP had this to say:

'When designing the world's finest public safety lights, there can be no compromise to quality.  Performance is paramount.  Reliability is king.  Small, powerful, incredibly bright.  These were the criteria for the Tungsten Series by ASP.

The reduced form factor of the Tungsten is made possible by a revolutionary new light engine.  ASP research developed a unique technology which produces brilliant white pre-focused light.  A constant current driver is combined with a mathematically precise collimating cone to achieve unparalleled output.  Advanced optics are coupled with precise machined high strength aerospace aluminum.  All surfaces are then anodized with a  proprietary Type III matte black hardcoat finish.

The Tungsten CR lights provide smaller size options but maintain the innovative design, unparalleled performance, exclusive optics and three postion switch that makes them lights without equal.  The Tungsten CR2 provides dual levels of light.  A high level (575 lumens) and a low level (15 lumens)'

 We have a small range in stock so get them while you can! For any more info please contact us as