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OTIS Shotgun Micro Kit - Team Alpha

OTIS Shotgun Micro Kit

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Otis Technology FG-400 Shotgun Micro Cleaning Kit 400 makes short work of damaging residue and fouling that builds up inside your shotgun. Suitable for all bores and gauges of shotguns, from .410 bore to 10 gauge, this cleaning kit allows you to return your favourite shotgun to optimum condition without disassembling it. Use  Otis Tech'spatented Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning method with this Micro Cleaning Kit to pull dirt and fouling out the muzzle, not back toward the action.
The Otis All Gauge Shotgun Micro Cleaning Kit comes packaged with a variety of gun cleaning tools the core component of this cleaning kit is the 36" Memory-Flex cleaning rod, which uses flexible aircraft aluminium to bend the patch to the contours of your shotgun. Besides the Memory-Flex cleaning rod, Otis Technology has also included an internal thread slotted brass tip, small and large Otis Patch Savers, a 0.5-ounce bottle of Otis Bore Solventall calibre patches, and a 12 to 10 gauge bore brush.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with all sizes of shotgun from .410 bore to 10 gauge
  • 36" Memory-Flex flexible cleaning rod
  • Internal thread slotted brass tip
  • Large and small Patch Savers
  • 0.5 oz bottle of Otis Ultra Bore Solvent
  • All-calibre cleaning patches
  • 12 or 10 gauge bore brush

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