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OTIS Rimfire Micro Kit .12-.22CAL - Team Alpha

OTIS Rimfire Micro Kit .12-.22CAL


This kit is specifically made for .17-.22 calibre rim-fire, auto-loaders and air rifles. It includes a 34" Memory-Flex rod for Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning, a brass slotted tip, 5oz. Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent, small calibre patches, and a .17 calibre bore brush. 

This pack contains the essentials needed to properly clean your firearm from Breech-to Muzzle pulls all dirt and debris out of the muzzle, instead of pushing it back into the action.

Additional Information

  • Memory-Flex cable allow 360-degree cleaning of your barrel
  • Unique cotton patches allow 360-degree cleaning of your barrel
  • Firearm specific bronze brush removes deposits and fouling
  • Otis solvent/cleaner helps clean, lubricate and protect in one step

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