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Pohl Force Bravo One : Outdoor Version

Pohl Force

Pohl Force Bravo One : Outdoor Version


Pohl Force Knives are designed for the elite, experienced knife user and the Bravo One: Outdoor edition is no exception. As with all the Pohl Force Bravo knives, the Bravo One: Outdoor was designed with survival in mind and needed to meet a number of unique requirements including; a compact size for the knife, same capabilities as the The Bravo One: Outdoor features a Drop Point style blade crafted from D2 (DIN 1.2379) blade with a satin finish and superior edge retention abilities.

The 3.3 inch (8.3 cm) blade is 3mm thick and has a hardness rating of 59 on the Rockwell Scale. With black 3 mm thick handles made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic (fibreglass, 45%) and 1 mm thick stainless steel plates, the Bravo One: Outdoor is also lightweight enough (100 g) to be easily transportable never weighing you down. The perfect knife to bring on a hunting trip or carry during any outdoor activity, the Bravo One: Outdoor can be discreet whilst still being there when you need it.

Ambidextrous functionality, superior grip, comfort and suitability for a range of hand sizes as well as multiple carry options make the Bravo Two knives fantastic value for money. 

All Pohl Force knives are meticulously designed and constructed, feature individual serial numbers and include a signed certificate of manufacture inside their attractive carry/presentation pouches.

For more information on Drop Point style blades see below:

DROP-POINT: A slow convex-curved drop in the point characterizes a drop-point blade. The drop-point format lowers the point for control but adds strength to the tip. Usually coupled with plenty of belly for slicing, this format is often used for hunting knives. It is also a fantastic all-around blade format. This blade shape can be found on a wide array of knives.


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