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ASP Pocket CR LED - Team Alpha


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Pocket lights are the ultimate Everyday Carry (EDC) illumination tool.  They are small, smooth and powerful.  The lights are available in AAA, AA and CR.  Each offers two levels of intensity.

Each Pocket light provides illumination that is dramatically out of proportion to its size.  Pocket lights are clean and compact.  They have no sharp edges.  They barely exceed the dimensions of their power source.  The lights provide a brilliant beam that is always at hand.

ASP Pocket lights combine advanced electronic circuitry with a unique Thermal Management System.  They drive a Cree XPG2 LED to a sustained output of 80 to 300 lumens as measured against the ANSI FL1 Standard.  Each has a 15 low setting.  They combine an optically coated glass lens with a mirror-polished aluminium reflector.  AAA and AA Pocket lights accept universally available alkaline batteries.  Extended run times are possible with AAA, AA, and CR123A Lithium power cells.

Additional Information

  • Length:  2.9"
  • Diameter:  .8"
  • Weight:  1.84 ounces (with battery)
  • System:  1.5 volt
  • Cell:  One CR123A battery
  • High-Level Output:  300 lumens
  • Run Time:  1 hour
  • Low-Level Output:  15 lumens
  • Run Time:  35 hours

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