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ASP Chain Handcuffs

Extensive computer modelling and simulation analysis have yielded a frame geometry which sets new standards in tactical restraints equipment. ASP’s Chain Handcuffs are forged from high strength stainless steel on custom built, high speed, progressive dies. Each restraint is then overmolded with ordnance grade polymer under 75 tons of pressure. The Lock Assembly is unitized and replaceable. Lightweight without compromising on strength and performance, ASP’s Chain Handcuffs provide real world solutions to the control issues of law enforcement officers and security personnel. The flexibility and greater range of adjustment in ASP’s Chain handcuffs mean they are more easily applied during confrontation. With a recessed dual Keyway and bevelled lock, the ASP Chain handcuffs can be locked from either side and feature a yellow lock indicator and single direction unlock action. Handcuff Key Included. Suitable for use with ASP Duty, Federal and Investigator Handcuff Cases.

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