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Spicy Meat Mix + Pork Dumplings

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Spicy Meat Mix

Spicy meat mixes are a very popular dish that lacks on the menus of most restaurants and is a very popular item on the Adventure Menu. The pork leg and the brisk leg are combined with sauce, onion strips, fleshy sausage, bacon and mushrooms. Together with bulgur, or wholemeal broken wheat, it creates a tasty and nutritious meal for any occasion.

Ingredients:  pork (16%), turkey meat (14%),  wheat bulgur  (13%), onion, pepper sausage (pork, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic), bacon, mushrooms,  wheat flour , rapeseed oil capsicum sterilized (pepper, vinegar, salt, sugar), garlic, chilli peppers (pepperoni, water, vinegar, salt), salt, chilli, pepper.

Allergy Information: Contains gluten.

Energy Value: 1780 kJ Carbohydrates: 55.6 g Proteins: 31.6 g Fats: 30.4 g

Pork Dumplings

We managed to fit the Czech national dish in one bag to allow all tourists, athletes, climbers and others to remember good Czech cuisine anywhere in the world. Pieces of baked juicy pork shoulder we baked on garlic, cooked white cabbage with onion and handmade potato blocks. The overall taste is fine-tuned by a massive brew. It is not the lightest meal before the sport, but after a busy day it will delight and perfectly fill.

Ingredients:  pork shoulder (30%), potato blocks (28%) (potatoes,  wheat flour, wheat semolina , eggs, salt), sauerkraut (26%) (cabbage, water, salt, cumin), rapeseed oil, onion, rice flour, corn flour, sugar, garlic, vinegar, salt, cumin, pepper.

Allergy Information: Contains wheat flour, potato flakes / SO2 /, wheat meal, egg mixture

Energy Value: 2336 kJ Carbohydrates: 69.6 g Proteins: 30.4 g Fats:17.2 g

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