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Chicken & Wild Rice + Pork Rib

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Chicken with Wild Rice

One of Adventure Menu's popular dishes excels owl with a balanced taste and high nutritional value, making it especially suitable for physically challenging trips. Chicken leg pieces are steamed and poured with onion, speck and tomato sauce. Side dish is wholegrain natural rice rich in vitamins and fiber. 

Ingredients:  chicken leg (30%), natural rice (12%), onion, bacon,  milk curd, rice flour, corn flour, tomato paste (tomatoes, salt, sugar), rapeseed oil, salt, pepper, pepper.

Allergy Information: Contains milk curd

Energy value:2292 Kj Carbohydrates: 53.5 g Proteins: 32.4 g Fats: 22.4 g

Pork Rib

You will love a simple recipe based on first-class ingredients. A piece of lean pork chops nicely baked in a saucepan with homemade paprika sausage and a Znojmo cucumber. As a side dish there is boiled potato quarters. 

Ingredients:  potatoes (36%), pork chop (30%), pepper sausage (pork, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic), Znojmo sterilized cucumbers (cucumbers, vinegar vinegar, salt, spice extract, saccharin sweetener,  mustard seed ), rice flour, corn flour, onion, sunflower oil, salt, pepper

Allergy Information: Contains mustard seed

Energy Value: 1584 kJ Carbohydrates:33.6 g Proteins: 29.6 g Fats: 13.6 g

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