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Wiley X ALFA - CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Bronze Mirror


The Wiley X ALFA has a square frame and rubberised, thin, adjustable, bayonet temples, also included are Side Shields that can be easily added or removed. With the Wiley X ALFA, you will get a clean, comfortable and timeless look whilst giving you maximum protection. 

Lenses:  CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Bronze Mirror.

These lenses' colours are evenly distributed based on wavelength strength for increased contrast and performance. They reduce blue light to allow more saturation in colours in red, yellow and green areas; they define and intensify yellow shades, and they reduce glare across reflective surfaces. 

Designed for: 

- Bright Sun / Changing Light. 
- Cloudy and Overcast Days. 
- Activities with lots of yellow lighting like hiking or trips to the beach. 
- General Day Driving 

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